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Paul is a local Perth photographer with an extensive collection of street and travel photography from over thirty countries. This work has been showcased in both Australian and international photography publications.


Paul is also a founding member of The Blue Sky Project which is a small, Perth based charity committed to reducing the number of children and young adults affected by poverty. Started in 2010, the organisation has focused on providing improved quality of life, safety and education in less fortunate, lower socioeconomic and regional areas

Exhibitions and Publications:

2019 - Ellis House - Burma in Portrait​

2019 - Guerilla Establishment - Burma in Portrait

2018 - Northbridge Art Space - Burma in Portrait

2016 - Perth Royal Show - Cheers

2014 - Published on Glacier Hub, and Resource 

2013 - Perth Royal Show - Staircase

2010 - Australian Photography Magazine

Awards & Nominations:

2017 - Winner of Olympus Vision Project.

2014 - Winner  of Glacier Photography competition.

2010 - 2020 - Winner or runner-up of over 100+ competition.

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