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Exhibitions and Publications

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Burma in Portrait

Burma in Portrait is a series of sponsored exhibitions that displays the beautiful diversity of Burmese people. This project was made possible with the support of Olympus Imaging who sponsored the events as part of the Olympus Vision Project.

The Project

All proceeds from the exhibition series were used to build a school for impoverished children in the Irrawaddy Delta region of Burma. Whilst Burma is a beautiful, proud country, there exists many old farming areas which provide limited opportunities for the education and health of children. Typically, schools are funded by communities, not the local government. As such, many primary schools in the Delta region are very basic with (for example) mud floors, bamboo or timber frames, and tarpaulin walls. Such environments are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions in the area and make learning difficult. The schoold construction project will provide a clean, safe place to learn all year round. Once complete, the new facility will also attract both educators and students in the area.

To achieve this goal the Burma in Portrait project has partnered with charities Blue Sky Project (BSP), and Helping the Burmese Delta (HTBD). With the assistance of Olympus Australia, the Blue Sky Project will market, fundraise and monitor the project. The construction of the school will be managed by a partner charity “Helping the Burmese Delta” (HTBD) who specialise in the construction of schools.


A great turnout for all these events and a big thanks to all participants who raised money for the project.

Perth City Arts Space Exhibit - June 2018

City Arts Space provides the community with a flexible and affordable facility to develop and showcase their creativity. The multipurpose arts venue provides space for exhibitions, workshops and events relating to all artistic discipline.

Guerrilla Establishment - Dec 2018

Guerrilla are a Perth based not-for-profit on a mission to provide a space that allows individuals and businesses to learn, mingle and create.

Ellis House - April 2019

Ellis House host art exhibitions and art classes, while providing a beautiful space for creative minds to meet and share ideas.


Glacier Photography

The Perito Moreno glacier is breathtaking and very photogenic. Whilst it is a highly photographed landmark, I was lucky to have a sunny day which caused a lot of ice to break away from the front of the glacier (which is actually advancing). This allowed for some interesting foreground and a section of the glacier to be illuminated in the distance. At the time I wanted to fit the entire glacier into an image but I simply did not have a wide enough lens to accomplish this. Instead I focused on using the water, ice, mountains and sky to create lines that would lead the eye towards the highlighted point of interest.

Award and Publication

The photo above was awarded winner of the Viewbug's glacier photo competition. The price was an interview and publication in Resource magazine. A snippet of the article is available here. Checkout the Viewbug award here.



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